Nick Greens comenzó su creciente carrera en 2002 como aprendiz de productor de una tienda de hidroponía. Nick trabajó en varias cosechas en San Diego antes de aventurarse por su cuenta. En 2007, Nick se mudó al condado de Humboldt, California, para trabajar como asistente de cultivo para un colectivo de invernaderos, donde comenzó a experimentar con un cervecero vórtice para desarrollar varias recetas de tés de compost.

En 2010, Nick regresó a Chicago para comenzar a cultivar productos para Blue Star Produce, donde perfeccionó sus recetas de té de compost y se convirtió en un pionero en la producción de microgreens orgánicos y verduras de hoja verde, trabajando y asesorando a muchas granjas de interior de Chicago, incluyendo Garfield Produce, Bright Farms, Windy City Greens, Plant Chicago y Nick Greens Grow Team.

Nick Greens started his growing career in 2002 as an apprentice grower for a hydroponics shop. Nick worked through several harvests in San Diego before venturing out on his own. In 2007, Nick moved to Humboldt County, California to work as an assistant grower for a collective of green houses, where he began experimenting with a vortex brewer to develop several recipes for compost teas.

In 2010, Nick moved back to Chicago to start growing produce for Blue Star Produce, where he perfected his compost tea recipes and became a pioneer in organic microgreens and leafy greens production, working for and advising many Chicago indoor farms, including Garfield Produce, Bright Farms, Windy City Greens, Plant Chicago and Nick Greens Grow Team.

Nick created the microgreens program at FarmedHere in 2014, building its first NFT systems, creating crop and lighting recipes, and helping improve monthly sales by nearly 20 percent. In 2016, Nick created a similar microgreens program for Falling Waters Farms in Indianapolis, increasing its sales by nearly 50 percent.

Nick is passionate about educating a new generation of controlled environment farmers and has created many internship opportunities for at-risk youth in urban Chicago. In 2016, Nick helped design and build the Food Science Lab at Schurz High School in Chicago, based on a STEM curriculum, that trains future farmers and supplies healthy food for the school cafeteria. Nick has personally mentored dozens of interns, and many remain working in the industry today.

Nick has a unique background that allows us to continue to diversify our services beyond the traditional hydroponic lettuce and tomato growing,” Paul Brentlinger, president of CropKing, said. “From an education and training standpoint, Nick is able to educate in a creative and effective way, both in-person at our facility in Lodi and through our online presence.”